Friday, February 20, 2009

Jobs in demand

The world changes, that much is obvious. So, it is logical that the one most demanded jobs shell not be so needed in the future. For example, it was once prestige to become a lawyer because the pay was more than great and crime was through the roof. Today, crime is still flourishing, lawyers are paid good, but only the best of them. The job market is overflown with lawyers, so their value has plumited!

Among the jobs that will require a significant work force in the near future are elementary teachers and physiotherapists! From experience I can tell you that teaching requires a lot of studying, a lot of preparation and doesn't pay well at all! Plus, you have to work with loud little children. On the other hand, if you are under qualified and need a respectable job, you can take a course in physiotherapy. In modern times, sports are becoming a big part of life (if not one of the major ones), so support staff is going to be more and more wanted.

Good luck to you!

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