Thursday, April 9, 2009

5 Emerging Professions

Digital Technology - The internet is growing as we speak, so there is no need to explain this one!

Environmentalism and Green Careers - This will be important in the future, seeing how we are starting to wake up and smell the polution. 

Globalization - it brings the need for linguist specialist for accent reduction and such...

Health Care - one area where the need for labor will never end. People are going to get sick until there is people!

Technicians - like the Auto Mechanic. You see, as people get sick, cars get broken. There will be work in those areas. Almost forever! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dress Up For the Interview

After you send your CV, if they think you'd be eligable to work for their company, they will call you and set up and interview. You basicly should be your self when going to these interviews, but don't be your self too much. Dress up for the ocassion. 

It is scientificaly proven that blue is easy on the eyes and you should always wear it when going to meet up with a potential employer. Wearing blue (light blue in particular) gives the impression that you are an open person, one that is easy to comunicate with, somebody that is trustworthy, or to shorten the story - an OK person and potentioanaly good employee. Never wear dark colors, especially not black!

Don't talk too much, but don't be quiet all the time. Show your tallents, don't brag about your floods, and that is about all you need to know. 

Good luck! 

Saturday, March 7, 2009


A big part of finding a job is that little part called motivation. Without it, as it's the case in every other segment in life, you can't do anything. You need to find your own reason to get up in the morning and go do the things you have to do.

It's important that you love, or at least like the job you are doing. But, in the troubled times when there is a shortage of jobs and money, a job you don't hate will suffice! So, get up, compose your CV and start sending it around!

The rest, well, you probably know the rest.

Good luck!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jobs in demand

The world changes, that much is obvious. So, it is logical that the one most demanded jobs shell not be so needed in the future. For example, it was once prestige to become a lawyer because the pay was more than great and crime was through the roof. Today, crime is still flourishing, lawyers are paid good, but only the best of them. The job market is overflown with lawyers, so their value has plumited!

Among the jobs that will require a significant work force in the near future are elementary teachers and physiotherapists! From experience I can tell you that teaching requires a lot of studying, a lot of preparation and doesn't pay well at all! Plus, you have to work with loud little children. On the other hand, if you are under qualified and need a respectable job, you can take a course in physiotherapy. In modern times, sports are becoming a big part of life (if not one of the major ones), so support staff is going to be more and more wanted.

Good luck to you!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Find a job (4 easy steps)

Step 1 - get motivated. Think about how much you want the job. Cause the more you want something, the harder you work to get it.

Step 2 - think about the field in which you might have a career in. Are you best qualified for the production sector, the service sector, or perhaps you see your self as an office clerk. Of course, the level of your education will play a crucial role in deciding.

Step 3 - prepare your CV and send it out to every company that is in your area, that is in the business that you see your future in (no matter if they are hiring at the moment or not) and wait for the interviews.

Step 4 - Good luck!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Highest paying jobs today!

1. Information Systems Manager

2. Database Administrator

3. Operating System Developer

4. Application Developer

5. Computer Systems Analyst

6. Computer Systems Designer

7. Data Processing Specialist

8. Web Hosting Technician

9. Computer Support Specialis

10. Desktop Publisher

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Highest paid jobs in 2009

Natural Sciences Manager

Highest salary: $97,560
Training time: 6 years

Marketing Manager

Highest salary: $100,020
Training time: 4 to 6 years

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Highest salary: $100,110
Training time: 4 to 8 years

Air Traffic Controller

Highest salary: $100,430
Training time: 9 years


Highest salary: $110,590
Training time:
7 years


Highest salary: $132,660
Training time: 8 years

Airline Pilot

Highest salary: $134,090
Training time: 5 to 10 years

Engineering Manager

Highest salary: $140,210
Training time: 6 to 7 years

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Highest salary: $140,880
Training time: Varies


Highest salary: $181,850
Training time: 10 to 15 years