Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Find a job (4 easy steps)

Step 1 - get motivated. Think about how much you want the job. Cause the more you want something, the harder you work to get it.

Step 2 - think about the field in which you might have a career in. Are you best qualified for the production sector, the service sector, or perhaps you see your self as an office clerk. Of course, the level of your education will play a crucial role in deciding.

Step 3 - prepare your CV and send it out to every company that is in your area, that is in the business that you see your future in (no matter if they are hiring at the moment or not) and wait for the interviews.

Step 4 - Good luck!


Vnukot said...

It is always about the 4! :P

I.V. said...

Don't I know it?